Umbral del Abismo

Music for the end of Time for solo clarinetist

“Acaso el ocaso nos haga caso y entonces habréis comprendido los signos de la noche. Habréis comprendido los inventos del silencio. La mirada del sueño. El umbral del abismo.”

-Vicente Huidobro 

In Messaien’s seminal work Quatuor pour la fin du temps the clarinetist, alone, describes the abyss in the famous third movement “Abîme des oiseaux”. Messaien counterbalances the abyss “avec ses tristesses, ses lassitudes” with transcriptions of jubilant birdsong. Life and the abyss are presented as antipodal. In the same way this programme proposes a journey beginning with The Creation and finishing at the end of Time.

This programme includes music by Jesse Broekman, Mic Spencer, Richard Barrett, Eric Skytterholm Egan and Samuel Andreyev.