Concert series 18-19 BNU

For  the second year in a row, lovemusic has been invited by the Strasbourg National University Library to present a series of contemporary music concerts in their auditorium.


  • 17/11/18 Espaces Divers
    This programme was constructed from three ideas: multiple spaces, real or imagined, the perception of sound and the different feelings of the passage of time ... lovemusic invites the English composer John Croft to collaborate with them again, commissioning a new piece for flute, clarinet and guitar.
    This concert is in memoriam of the Swiss composer Klaus Huber who passed away last year in October. The collective will perform one of his most beautiful chamber works Plainte - Lieber spalten mein Herz II. Music by Omri Abram John Croft , Nadir Vassena, Klaus Huber, Annette Schlünz.

  • 18/01/19 Tout Commence Ailleurs
    This concert will be the French premiere of the programme Everything Starts Elsewhere which will be performed during lovemusic's tour in the UK in February 2019, including a commission by the French composer Jérôme Combier.

  • 02/04/19 Nueva refutación del tiempo
    New refutation of time is the title of an essay by Jorge Luis Borges which proposes that the continuity of time is an illusion and that time exists without succession, where each moment contains all eternity, thus negating the notion of "newness". This "new" music program plays with our notion of time - objective time can be accelerated or slowed down according to musical construction. Music by Nicolás Medero Larrosa (commission), Ezequiel Netri, Santiago Diez-Fischer, Luis Naón, Daniel d’Adamo, Alberto Ginastera.



  • 24/05/2019 Time Flies...
    Some of the pieces in this programme are inspired by works of art that are fixed in time, a snapshot of a specific moment. These "immobile" works are brought to life for the duration of the musical performance. Other pieces "accompany" musically, for a specific moment, an art installation with movement of its own. Thus certain musical works give life and movement to the fixed images whilst others become an ephemeral snapshot during the "life" of the works of art. Music for flute, clarinet and oboe by Annette Schlünz, Peter Ablinger, Franco Donatoni, Samuel Andreyev, Salvatore Sciarrino and the premiere of a piece by Nicolas Marty.


  • 12/07/2019 Outside of you... including me
    “One day, you’re there. And then, all of a sudden, there’s less of you. And you wonder where that part went? If it’s living somewhere outside of you? And you keep thinking… maybe you’ll get it back? And then you realize: it’s just gone.” From AMC’s Television Series Mad Men, Meditations in an Emergency [2.13]
    lovemusic explores the idea of internalised and externalised experiences - when does listening to music becomes a part of ourselves?
    Music by Davíð Brynjar Franzson (commission) Ann Cleare, Misato Mochizuki, Jean-Patrick Besingrand (French premiere), Clara Iannotta, J.S Bach.



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