Mexican tour

September 2017

Sala Carlos Chavez UNAM

Sala Carlos Chavez UNAM

2.9.17 - Concert - Sala Carlos Chávez, UNAM

4.9.17 - Concert - Fonoteca National

5.9.17 - Concert - Casa de Francia

6.9.17 -Concert  and workshop- Escuela Superior de Musica, CENART



In September 2017 lovemusic were invited to perform in several venues in Mexico City, presenting two different programmes: Estados del alma with music by Maurizio Pistati, Doina Rotaru (premiere), Jérôme Combier, Toshio Hosokawa, Samuel Andreyev, Mario Lavista, Dai Fujikura and Betsy Jolas; and Esprit Français a programme of French music from the beginning of the 20th century.

We also had the opportunity to do a workshop with students from the Escuela Superior de Musica.

Lovemusic performs Ibert at Casa de Francia, Mexico