Esprit Français

A programme of French music since the beginning of the 20th century for flute, clarinet and harpsichord

Flute - Emiliano Gavito Clarinets - Adam Starkie Piano - Daniel Gordon Recorded live @ CCCH Leeds, Oct. 2016

This programme presents a selection of works by French composers going through the different textures of Impressionism and beyond, showing the important influence that Debussy and his contemporaries have had throughout the history of music. There is a clear and identifiable "essence" in this twentieth century French School of Music, a permanent legacy that goes beyond styles, aesthetics and currents: a "French spirit". It's reach is even identifiable in the most contemporary work of the programme, Lovemusic by Betsy Jolas, where each musical "painting" is presented through a subtle palette of  sound colours, underlined by transparent cadences.

The programme includes music by C. Debussy, F. Schmitt, J. Ibert, Betsy Jolas, F. Poulenc, C. Koechlin.

For more information about booking this programme and the options available (possible versions of this programme with piano, harpsichord or harp) please contact us.