“… a beautiful love story told in music, one among many others… yours perhaps!”

... this is how Betsy Jolas describes her piece for flute and bass clarinet ‘Love music’. Her piece is part of our story and is one among many others. We have started to promote and expand the repertoire for this unusual duo by playing lesser-known works and commissioning new pieces. As well as our work as a duo, the collective expands according to our various projects : Our idea is simple – to create a free collective of artists who love music and collaborating together - lovemusic.

Our desire is to develop and present innovative programmes which are not restricted by genre or a specific instrumental formation but rather explore aesthetic and creative ideas to produce an alternative yet coherent discourse. We enjoy exploring all repertoires and our work in direct collaboration with today’s composers completes our programming offering a new and original viewpoint of the present...

photo : Lou Rachmuhl

Projects have included Dialogue en écho a musical exploration of light and shadow (Boulez, Saariaho, Uduman) for flute, clarinet and electronics, Musica ambigua where contemporary and early musics cross paths (Tiensuu, Salonen, C.P.E Bach, Telemann, Vaughan) for baroque flute, clarinet, harpsichord and electronics, Lieder ohne Worte an invitation to the salons on the 19th century (Mendelssohn, Schubert, Schumann) for flute, clarinet and piano, Cries of love and sorrow an exploration of the omnipresence of love whether present or absent (Lindberg, Hosokawa, Murail, Jolas, Furer) for flute, clarinet and soprano...

Emiliano and Adam have been working together since meeting at the Strasbourg conservatoire during their studies where they both shared a passion for contemporary music and a particular interest in promoting the work of young composers. As a duo they are continually expanding the repertoire for flute and clarinet and several pieces have been dedicated to them (Sohrab Uduman, , Annette Schlünz, Mike Vaughan, Marcello Messina, Michael Spencer, James Erber, Doina Rotaru, Marc Yeats...)

Constantly pushing the boundaries of the interpretative possibilities of their instruments, the two founding members of lovemusic also enjoy the creative possibilities presented by working with new Technologies and stage performance techniques.