“… a beautiful love story told in music, one among many others… yours perhaps!”

... this is how Betsy Jolas describes her piece for flute and bass clarinet ‘Love music’. Her piece is part of our story and is one among many others. We have started to promote and expand the repertoire for this unusual duo by playing lesser-known works and commissioning new pieces. As well as our work as a duo, the collective expands according to our various projects : Our idea is simple – to create a free collective of artists who love music and collaborating together - lovemusic.

photo : Lou Rachmuhl

lovemusic was born from the desire to develop and present new programs that are not limited by a genre or formation, but instead explore aesthetic concepts and creative ideas in order to produce an alternative and coherent discourse. We love to explore all repertoires, and our work in collaboration with today's composers complements our programs by offering an original perspective of the present ...

The members of the collective are always eager to (re) discover the interpretative possibilities of their instruments and especially to explore their interactions with the new technologies and different techniques of scenic performance.

The activity of lovemusic develops around the following axes:

An independent and eclectic creation: lovemusic has a committed approach to the discovery of new composers as well as an eclectic instrumentarium that responds not only to the particular aesthetic choice of each program, but also to a desire to foment the exchange and collaboration between musicians and composers. Particular attention is given by the collective to parity in their choice of composers to whom they order new works. lovemusic has collaborated with many composers and several pieces are dedicated to them (Sohrab Uduman, Mike Vaughan, Marcello Messina, Michael Spencer, James Erber, Doina Rotaru, Marc Yeats, Nicolas Medero Larrosa, Ezequiel Netri, Annette Schlünz, Jesse Broekman, Jerome Combier, Davíð Brynjar Franzson ...).

An innovative and different mediation:  lovemusic’s cycle at the BNU in Strasbourg allows the collective to experiment with new concert formats. This approach makes it possible to combine the demand for creation and the need to attract a new audience. The collective also offers playful, visual and innovative programme notes to encourage a spontaneous appreciation of the music rather than a search for a rational understanding. Each concert of the Strasbourg series is followed by an aperitif-meeting, an important moment of exchange between the public and the artists of the collective.

National and international broadcasting: lovemusic exports its productions nationally and internationally. Indeed, one of our main objectifs is to promote our artistic development in Strasbourg by making it available in other regions in France as well as abroad. lovemusic regularly performs in venues and festivals in France, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, Japan and Mexico.

A committed and alternative pedagogy: The collective is committed to transmitting contemporary forms of creation at all levels of learning: from young composers and instrumentalists taking their first steps outside the classical framework to students at the end of their studies / beginning of career in institutions of higher education.